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30 Seconds To Mars - Acoustic set @ Atlas Arena in Łódź, 8.11.11 Poland by @Efka3

Reasons I love this video:

-Jared mentions pierogis and ‘Polish man’ AGAIN

-even though the WHOLE crowd is singing fucking loud, Jared doesn’t miss any word and puts his heart in singing with us and does his best

-he’s making fun of how some Polish people pronounce ‘The Kill’ - ‘DEKILL’ (and then he did it again, but in France hahha, seems like he liked our accent)

-he pronounces ‘Łódź’ almost right and it’s really hard for someone who doesn’t speak Polish ;)

-he remembers where the previous shows took place (Warsaw and Cracow)

-‘How many people live in Łódź?’ *part of the crowd cheers* ‘How many people live in Poland?’ *other part of the crowd cheers* ‘How many people live on Mars?’ *both parts cheers together* and then Jared adds: ‘I love how you scream. That’s the sound of screaming that i always wanted to hear’ ;)

-the motherfucker tells us to shut the fuck up and then calls US rude

-we made him smile :’)

…and everything else.

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